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The Special Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 1187 “Media of Cooperation” at the University of Siegen is an interdisciplinary research association consisting of 14 projects and more than 60 researchers from the fields of media studies, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, German language and literature studies, computer sciences, and medicine, as well as history, education, jurisprudence, and engineering. In a second phase, the CRC is receiving funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG) for the period 2020-2023. The DFG also approved the 3rd funding phase of the SFB (2024-2027).

At the center of the research is the exploration of digitally networked media, which have turned out to be cooperative tools, platforms, and infrastructures on a broad front. Following this development, for years there have been public debates on “digital participation”, the career of the “social media”, the normative and technological, legal and political foundations of a “digital culture”, and the intersection of digital production, distribution, and reception. The CRC Media of Cooperation takes up these developments and takes a scientific perspective that mediates between history and the present and centers on cooperative practices that arise in the media and from which media arise, in order to counter the pressure to be “up to date” that results from constant outmoding.


Prof. Dr. Tristan Thielmann

Universität Siegen. Herrengarten 3. 57072 Siegen
Raum AH-225.

Telefon +49(0)271-740-2391 (Sekr.)

Email: tristan.thielmann@uni-siegen.de


Prof. Dr. Carolin Gerlitz

Universität Siegen. Herrengarten 3. 57072 Siegen
Raum AH-214

Telefon: +49 (0)271-740-5259

Email: carolin.gerlitz@uni-siegen.de